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Welcome to Chapati Indian Restaurant, Henderson Auckland – Dine in and Takeaway

Traditionally the thing to serve with curries, is either Chapati (Roti) or Naan instead of bread and it would be true to say that most homes in India still make their daily batch of fresh Chapatis.

Chapati is unleavened bread made of either white flour orunsifted meal with a little shortening, but instead of being baked they are toasted over a griddle till they are freckled gold. To see a freshly stacked pile of Chapatis is a sight that will tempt any age group, and many a child has snatched one whilst mother is not looking.

Come right in……and join us in an exciting culinary journey which is a result of centuries of patronage to the art of cooking and a large repertoire of delicious recipes. We proudly share with you all the flavours and subtle nuances of authentic Indian cuisine so you may nurture a fond intimacy with our cuisine.

For your best dining experience, each dish is individually prepared to ensure freshness and quality.